April 28 - May 1, 2016

McPhetres Hall and

Hangar Ballroom

Juneau, Alaska

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The Alaska State Improv Festival depends strongly upon volunteer efforts and contributions. Your 100% tax-deductible gift will help AS IF! be a memorable event for audience and artists alike.



The last weekend of every month leading up to AS IF 2016, the Alaska State Improv Festival will feature artists who are performing in this year's festival. First up is Tall Grande Venti, the 2014 College Improv Tournament national champions and AS IF 2015 participants. Yichao will be performing his solo show, Pint of Life, at the 2016 festival but you can see him with his incredibly talented duo partner, Sarah, at the end of January!






This month's show also features the debut of Cogs & Goggles, Juneau's steampunk improv show. Join in the adventures of the Airship Victoria and its crew. All of this, plus Seriously Obnoxious for $10.




Join San Francisco-area acting instructor Sarah Shoemaker for Sweatin’ to the Improv - a workshop to help you design your custom improv workout.  Utilizing drills, exercises, and games, each participant will start crafting their own individual sequence of skill builders.  And just like any good workout regimen, there are modifications to the exercises to suit both beginners and advanced performers.  Participants will cover a range of important skills ranging from listening to stage presence.


Sweatin’ to the Improv is appropriate for performers of all skill levels, and no previous improv experience is required. The instructor, Sarah Shoemaker, has an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, teaches at Leela Theater, and co-produces Femprovisor Fest. The workshop happens on Saturday, January 30 from 2:00 to 5:00 at the Hangar Ballroom. Advance registration is $30. Registration is also available for $35 at the door.






"I just returned from Second City at Centennial Hall; they were good, but I was totally spoiled by the talent from this past weekend. Already looking forward to next year." - Bill Diebels about AS IF 2015


This year's festival will happen April 28 - May 1, 2016 and is not to be missed!


The 2016 Alaska State Improv Festival Lineup - 22 Ensembles from 13 Cities


All-Session Passes are on sale now.



808 (Los Angeles, CA)

808 is an LA based Long Form Hip Hop Improv Group!

You make up an album title, 808 uses your title to inspire a one time only show you'll never forget! 



The production team is negotiating with a VERY special artist to join us at AS IF this year.

Look for an exciting announcement in the near future!




Human Propaganda (Seattle, WA)

Human Propaganda is the only State sanctioned improv show. The faithful citizens in the audience will share the world events which occupy the empty spaces of their mind.

The State sanctioned propagandists will then contextualize those events, allowing all citizens to accept the State sanctioned TRUTH without question.


I Am the Show (San Diego, CA)

A two-man show, with one human, and one machine. One visual, one audio. One responding, the other giving.

The audience picks one show or movie, and the performer improvises dialogue, sound effects, and music. If it plays on Hulu, he also improvises the commercials. 




The Illuminaughty (Seattle, WA)

The Illuminaughty takes a suggestion from the audience and explores it through true stories, anecdotes, and banter. When the moment strikes, The Illuminaughty leap into a series of high energy scenes that further explore the theme. Throughout the show, they move back and forth between the "safety" of the "Living Room" and the thematic scenes.


Mike Brown Solo Improv Extravaganza (New York, NY)

Let's be honest. The Mike Brown Solo Improv Extravaganza is pretty much like�any other improv troupe that you'll discover along life's path...with one exception: the show is completely improvised by one person. All characters discovered in the scene are portrayed through the eyes of one improviser.

Mike has performed the Solo Improv Extravaganza worldwide, including festivals in Spain, New Zealand, and across the United States.



Morally Improv-erished (Juneau, AK)

The host troupe of the Alaska State Improv Festival! Morally Improv-erished first performed in 2004 and was the first Alaskan group to perform at an Outside festival.

The group performs numerous formats, but is probably best known for "An Improbable Act" - an improvised one-act play inspired by the first page of a regionally written, but currently unproduced, one-act play.


Parallelogramophonograph (Austin, TX)

Parallelogramophonograph loves to make up dynamic improvised plays and theatre in the moment. They have used their on-going weekly show to create and experiment with new and original improvised play concepts.

Pgraph has performed nationally and internationally at over 40 cities. Widely recognized for their innovation in narrative sstyles of improv, Pgraph is the master artists and instructors for this year's festival.



Peachy Chicken (Portland, OR)

One of Portland’s longest-running long form improv ensembles, Peachy Chicken is dedicated to the honest exploration of relationships, personalities, situation and movement -- but always with a nod to the fanciful. It’s also about fun. They want to have fun. They want you to have fun. Fun is what matters.


Pint of Life (Seattle, WA)

Pint of Life is a one man improvised show that explores life's delightfully awkward little moments in a comedic sugary-sweet rumpus.

Michael Yichao is a nationally accredited improviser and has been performing Pint of Life at theaters across the US.



Pistil & Stamen (Chicago, IL)

Tully McLoughlin and Taylor Overstreet met at the birthplace of long-form improv, iO, and realized it felt like they’d been split up at birth. So they started improvising together.

If it's called for, you’ll see it happen -- that's because we trust each other unconditionally or we're total half-wits. (Come find out which.)


Pop Pops (Juneau, AK)

Dawson Walker and Dee Jay Derego have been improvising with each other in Juneau, Alaska for over 8 years. Though time and the forces of the world have separated them, they are again reunited.

Pop Pops is dad related improv, longform structured around the idea of fatherhood. While fatherhood is a heavy burden to bear, don't worry. You're in good hands with Pop Pops. 



The Right Now (San Francisco, CA)

The Right Now performs longform comedic improvisation, pulling from the stylings of The Harold and The Armando. These three women are serious about their funny and serve up a unique blend of character-driven improv that ranges from absurd logic to absurd physicality.

The Right Now dives headfirst into a fast-paced, non-stop set that keeps audiences laughing, connecting and believing with surprise, mischief and delight.


Rollin' in Riches (Santa Monica, CA)

Rolland Lopez teaches and performs improv at the Westside Comedy Theatre.

Rich Baker teaches and performs at the Westside Comedy Theatre and Second City Hollywood.

Two goofballs. No plan. High energy. Lots of fun.

Rollin' in Riches won the 2015 iO West Doubles Tournament



Rorschach Pattern 9 (Juneau, AK)

Rorschach Pattern 9 combines improv, slam poetry, clown, and Dada stylings into a single format, taking the duo's myriad skills and putting them into a blender.

Much like the Rorschach test itself, sense is made from nonsense (and vice-versa), taking the audience on a wild ride into their self-imagined world.


Scared Scriptless (Anchorage, AK)

Scared Scriptless is the longest running year-round improv company in Alaska, bringing the Ha Ha to the AK since 2000.

Armed with a vast array of comedy games, Scared Scriptless entertains at a wickedly fast pace and have been popular with audiences statewide.



Seriously Obnoxious (Juneau, AK)

The self-described Dirty Old Ladies of Alaska's improv scene, Seriously Obnoxious, bring their filter-free scenes to the stage.

Seriously Obnoxious makes their festival debut at AS IF After Dark, matching the group's proclivity to adult themes. Expect to hear more from this trio as they take their improv from Juneau into the lands beyond.


Squirrel Buddies (Austin, TX)

Imagine a squirrel. Now imagine two squirrels. Now imagine that those two squirrels are buddies. Gathering nuts with each other, huddling together for warmth, playing chase in the limbs of billowing oak trees. That sort of thing. A Squirrel Buddies show is kind of like that.

Jon Bolden and Roy Janik are buddies in real life, living in the trees of Austin, TX. They are not squirrels in real life. But you may just forget that once you see them .



Stag (Chicago, IL)

Stag is an iO Chicago Harold team that performs with unique gusto. Stag focuses on line by line play, organic openings, and physicality. Stag is a herd that loves the absurd, and at the end of the day is a group of good friends who simply enjoy performing together and making an audience laugh. 


Urban Yeti (Anchorage, AK)

Urban Yeti promises a unique and entertaining improv experience as performed by some of the state's greatest talents. Urban Yeti's shows are inspired by an array of randomly selected sources, and relies heavily on audience participation.

Urban Yeti has recently appeared at the Del Close Marathon (New York) and at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (Austin, TX)..



Wilbur Wilbur Nealbur (Wakefield, RI)

WilburWilburNealbur formed in 2012: the result of a longstanding obsession with Walter Brennan and David Lynch, a problem encounter with Rupert Holmes’ Escape (The Piña Colada Song ...) and a lost hobbit from Aotearoa-New Zealand who had been looking to dispose of a ring since 2007.

There is no long or short form: there is only Zuul(form).


Winter Formal (Chicago, IL)

Winter Formal is a iO Harold Team from Chicago, IL. They’ve been performing together for nearly four years. They've also performed in cities all over the country, including Dallas, Austin, and New York. Using a suggestion from the audience,

Winter Formal creates a theatrical piece highlighted by strong characters and relationships. Grab your corsage, spike the punch, and get ready for the night of your life!




"It’s like getting welcomed, ever so briefly into a little secret art community and have the chance to share your art and learn from theirs and then go home. I’m actually torn now because I would desperately love to submit a show to visit again next year, but I’d almost feel guilty of robbing some other performer a chance to experience such a thing." - Bill Binder, National Improv Network


"It's surprising how quickly a pair of ping pong balls can turn a hand into a face. Performers at the second Alaska State Improv Festival, a gathering focused on "unscripted theater" and hosted by local group Morally Improv-erished, wasted no time transforming those faces into characters with emotions. Fright. Frustration. Excitement. Curiosity." - Mary Catherine Martin, Capital City Weekly


"Watching improv has a gut-churning equivalence to watching a high-wire act at the Grand Canyon, or watching people jumping off cliffs in neon webbed mylar suits like psychedelic (and psychotic) flying squirrels. Improv is amazing." - Clint J. Farr, Juneau Empire


About the Festival


Throughout Alaska, improvisational theater has gradually gained a foothold amongst the throngs of traditional scripted theater companies. Our state has been visited by guest artists from some of North America's most respected improvisational theater companies. Alaskan performers are also appearing in Outside festivals and emigrating into Outside companies.


AS IF! - The Alaska State Improv Festival is a celebration of improvisational theater in its vast spectrum of forms, and an opportunity for Alaska's own actors to perform alongside, meet with, and learn from others outside our own circle. We look forward to seeing you at AS IF! in April 2015.





1 Deep (New York, NY)

Franz and Dave (Austin, TX)

Gazpacho! Gazpacho! (Portland, OR)

The Gentleman's Falcon (Chicago, IL)

History Under the Influence (Austin, TX)

Iditaprov (Talkeetna, AK)

The Illuminaughty (Seattle, WA)

ImprovBoston All Stars (Boston, MA)

Joyride (Portland, OR)

Manacle (Juneau, AK)

Morally Improv-erished (Juneau, AK)

My Best Fiend (Austin, TX)

Pistil and Stamen (Chicago, IL)

Rorschach Pattern 9 (Juneau, AK)

Sid (Sitka, AK)

Tall Grande Venti (San Francisco, CA / Seattle, WA)

Urban Yeti (Anchorage, AK)



Big Ol' Show (Atlanta, GA)

The Black Vault (Austin, TX)

Callin' All Mockeries (Juneau, AK)

Carskee (Seattle, WA)

Galapagos (Phoenix, AZ)

Indigo Shift (Austin, TX)

The LA Frontier (Los Angeles, CA)

Messing with a Friend (Chicago, IL)

Mike Brown's Solo Improv Extravaganza (New York, NY)

Morally Improv-erished (Juneau, AK)

Pawn Takes Queen (Cedar City, UT)

Rorschach Pattern 9 (Juneau, AK)

Scared Scriptless (Anchorage, AK)

Strange Worlds (Austin, TX)

Underhanded Improv (Chicago, IL)



Call of the Wild (Boston, MA)

Cat Pack (Seattle, WA)

Little Man (Chicago, IL)

Mike Brown's Solo Improv Extravaganza (New York, NY)

Morally Improv-erished (Juneau, AK - no recorded footage)

Not Safe for Improv (Juneau, AK)

Pinque Pony (Chicago, IL)

Ranger Danger and the Danger Ranger (Los Angeles, CA)

Rorschach Pattern 9 (Juneau, AK)

Scared Scriptless (Anchorage, AK)

Squirrel Buddies (Austin, TX)

Sybil (Chicago, IL)



Our Town: Juneau, Alaska

Juneau maintains a small town feel, while featuring a vibrant artistic community, rich history, and world-class scenery.

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Our Improv: Since 2004

When a town of 30,000 hosts a festival like this, there has to be a story. Learn a little about our story and our improv.

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About Your Hosts

The AS IF! team is made up of people well versed in community theater with experience in hosting talent from outside Alaska.

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